Can I use phone charger for laptop?

Laptops just like our smartphones, work on batteries that need a charge in order to work. The majority of the time, using your laptop charger is the simplest method to do this. You may however not always have access to a laptop charger. So, naturally, the question comes to mind Is there another method I may charge my laptop? Can I use phone charger for laptop?
Yes, you may use your phone charger to charge your laptop but there are some restrictions to it. Any phone charger won’t work with your laptop. Whether you can make it happen depends on the sort of phone charger you have, and you may require additional equipment.
Don’t worry; we’ll cover all you need to know to figure out how to charge your laptop using a phone charger. We’ll even discuss how to modify it if your existing configuration doesn’t allow it.

Types of Phone chargers

As you may be aware there are different types of chargers. Mostly, the plugs of chargers are different. An Android phone cannot be charged using a charger designed for an Apple phone, and vice versa. This is due to the fact that their plugs do not fit into the ports of the other phone.

When attempting to charge your laptop using your phone charger, this is the main factor to take into account. Your phone charger’s plug must fit into one of your laptop’s ports. This will often be a USB port of some kind. Because most laptops feature USB ports, they can connect to a variety of devices.

However, not every USB port is the same. The sorts of USB ports on your laptop are crucial to whether or not you can charge the aforementioned laptop using a phone charger since they have distinct functions and are not interchangeable. We’ll go into great depth about the various sorts.

The Three Different Types of USB Ports

USB Type A, B, or C are the three different kinds of USB ports. These various USB kinds all operate in somewhat different ways. The most prevalent USB Type-A port on laptops is used to power a tiny external device by taking power from the laptop.
HDMI cables and other connectors often employ Type-B USBs. They won’t be a big concern for you. On the other hand, Type-C is one of the most recent USB port types that may be found on more modern computers and gadgets. They provide a lot of power and move quickly.

A Type-C USB is what you should pay close attention to since it can rapidly and efficiently charge your laptop.
In addition to being very strong, Type-C USB ports may also take the place of a variety of other sorts of connectors, including HDMI and 3.5mm headphone jacks. You have a Type-C USB port on your phone if you have an Apple phone and use an adapter to connect your headphones.
When available, Type-C USB connections charge more quickly than some of the other alternatives since they are reversible, not nearly as thick as conventional USBs, and have numerous other applications.

In light of the above, you may use a Type-C USB phone charger to charge your laptop if it has one. However, as you would expect, not all laptops come equipped with Type-C USB ports. They are mostly Type-A.

Newer vs. Older Laptops

The inputs and outputs on laptops vary along with the times and technological advancements. Your laptop is less likely to have a Type-C USB port the older it is. And if you don’t have one of them, you can’t use a Type-C USB phone charger to power your laptop. Older computers often can only be charged with the original charger supplied by the laptop’s maker.

But wait, even older computers often feature Type-A USB connections. There are Type-A to Type-C USB connections, correct? Could you then use one of them with a Type-C USB phone charger to power your old laptop? Sadly, the response is still NO.
This is due to the fact that your laptop’s connector is still not the appropriate kind to allow for charging. Whatever you insert into the port won’t charge if the port isn’t capable of doing so. No matter the connection or adaptor, it is a fact.
In essence, you cannot charge your laptop using a phone charger unless you have a more recent laptop with a Type-C USB connection for you to plug into. However, what if your laptop does feature a Type-C USB port? Should you still use a phone charger for it even then? Is it worthwhile to complete if you could just charge your laptop instead?

Should you use USB Type C with your phone charger?

It’s critical to realize that chargers for electronics are often made to function with a certain item. Even if they can, they often don’t function with other items very well. Thus, even if your phone charger is of the Type-C USB kind and your laptop has a Type-C USB connection, the official laptop charger is almost always preferable.
Naturally, laptop batteries are larger and last longer than those in mobile phones. Instead of a bigger laptop battery, a phone charger is designed to effectively charge a smaller phone battery. It is capable of doing so, but charging will take significantly longer.
For instance, the majority of mobile phone chargers have a power output of ten to thirty watts at five volts. The majority of laptop chargers contain between 32 and 88 watts and 16 to 22 volts of power. There is a huge disparity in power at play here.

In conclusion, if the conditions are good, you may charge your laptop using a phone charger. However, it won’t be nearly as quick or effective as the genuine certified laptop charger, and we wouldn’t suggest it unless you had no other option. Additionally, there are potential dangers associated with charging a laptop with a phone charger.
Similar to how chargers are made to output a certain amount of power at a specific rate, gadgets like your laptop are made to accept a specific amount of power at a specific rate. While it’s not impossible to go under or over that limit, doing so runs the risk of harming your laptop or its battery.
Using a phone charger for a laptop reduces the likelihood of this happening since the battery is just charging more slowly than usual. Attempting to charge a battery quicker than it was designed to be charged using greater power sources is often far more dangerous.
Nevertheless, there is a danger that using a charger that wasn’t made for it can harm your laptop battery. To be on the safe side, it is always advised to use the charger that your laptop’s manufacturer suggests.


Only in a few situations is it feasible to use your phone charger to charge your laptop. To begin with, the port on your laptop needs to work with the phone charger you have. They won’t function together if your phone charger is incompatible with the ports on your laptop.
You need a laptop with a Type-C USB connector as well as a charger if you want to charge your laptop using a phone charger. Because a Type-A to Type-C converter does not alter the fact that your laptop’s USB ports are not intended for charging, using an adapter won’t work.
Most older laptops only have Type-A USB ports, so the likelihood that you can use a Type-C USB phone charger to charge it decreases. Type-C USB ports are available on certain more recent computers.
You may use a phone charger to charge your laptop if you have a suitable laptop port and charger. The procedure won’t be nearly as quick or effective, because phone chargers don’t have as much power as laptop charges do.

Last but not least, It is less likely to happen but using third-party chargers may damage your battery. We advise using the charger that the maker of your laptop suggests.
Despite all of this, it is possible to use a phone charger to charge a laptop, but only under very specific circumstances, and even then, it is not very effective. It should only be done if you have no other option. If you are powerless due to a damaged or missing laptop charger, we advise replacing it as soon as you can rather than continuing to use your phone charger.

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