Best Video Sharing Apps Other Than Youtube

Top 15 Best Video Sharing Apps Other Than Youtube

Ever thought about sharing your videos beyond the YouTube realm? Well, you’re in for an exciting ride because in this blog post, we’re diving into the world of video sharing apps that go beyond the familiar territory of YouTube.

These apps are like new windows to showcase your creativity, whether you’re into vlogging, funny sketches, educational content, or just capturing everyday moments. We’ll introduce you to platforms that offer unique features, diverse communities, and exciting opportunities to connect with viewers in ways you might not have imagined.

Top 15 Best Video Sharing Apps Other Than Youtube


Dailymotion stands tall as a prominent video-sharing platform, offering an expansive range of content that seamlessly integrates both professional productions and user-generated material. This unique blend caters to a diverse audience, capturing the attention of around 110 million monthly visitors. Dailymotion’s appeal lies not only in its varied content but also in its versatile monetization options. Content creators can choose between ads or a paywall, striking a balance between revenue generation and viewer satisfaction.


Global Reach: Dailymotion serves as a global gateway, enabling individuals and businesses to share their content with a worldwide audience. It effortlessly connects creators with viewers from different corners of the globe, fostering a sense of global community.

Monetization Opportunities: For creators, Dailymotion offers an avenue for financial gain. The ability to monetize videos provides a tangible incentive for producing high-quality, engaging content, encouraging a thriving creative ecosystem.


Competition: Dailymotion faces fierce competition, particularly in regions where YouTube holds a dominant presence. To maintain its user base, Dailymotion must consistently innovate, ensuring it remains appealing and relevant amid strong market competitors.


Vimeo stands as a beacon for creators dedicated to elevating the standard of video content. Renowned for its emphasis on high-quality visuals, Vimeo provides a sanctuary for videographers and artists striving for excellence. With a focus on 4k Ultra HD visuals and HDR, Vimeo ensures that the viewing experience transcends the ordinary.


Premium Content: Vimeo is the platform of choice for creators who prioritize quality and creativity. It serves as a curated space for classic short films, experimental music videos, and artistic creations, attracting viewers seeking exceptional content.

Ad-Free Experience: One of Vimeo’s standout features is its ad-free environment. Viewers can immerse themselves fully in the content without interruptions, enhancing their overall experience and allowing them to engage deeply with the videos.


Upload Limit: Vimeo imposes a 500MB weekly upload limit, a restriction that content creators must navigate. Managing extensive or high-resolution videos within this limit can be challenging, necessitating careful planning and content selection.


TikTok, owned by the Chinese tech giant ByteDance, stands as one of YouTube’s main contemporary competitors. This video-sharing platform has disrupted the digital landscape, giving tough competition to YouTube, IGTV, and others. The reason behind TikTok’s meteoric rise lies in its unconventional video style and low-cost production, empowering ordinary individuals to create content from the comfort of their homes.


  • Rapid Rise: TikTok, owned by ByteDance, is a major competitor to YouTube, with a rapidly growing global user base.
  • User-Friendly: TikTok offers a simple interface, motivating users to create unconventional, short-form videos.
  • Celebrity Engagement: Many celebrities leverage TikTok to connect with fans, enhancing their reach and impact.
  • Built-in and Third-Party Editors: TikTok provides built-in video editors for seamless content creation, and third-party apps like Adobe Premiere Rush integrate smoothly.
  • Content Specifications: Vertical videos up to 15 seconds long with dimensions of 1080×1920 can be uploaded, catering to mobile viewing trends.


  • Global Reach: TikTok’s popularity spans the globe, enabling creators to connect with a diverse international audience.
  • Cost-Effective: Low-cost production allows common people to create engaging content without significant investments.
  • Innovation: TikTok’s unique format encourages creative experimentation, leading to innovative video styles.
  • Third-Party Integration: Integration with apps like Adobe Premiere Rush expands editing possibilities for creators.


  • Limited Video Length: The 15-second limit may constrain creators with complex narratives or detailed content.
  • Algorithm Dependency: Content visibility depends heavily on TikTok’s algorithm, affecting reach and engagement.
  • Competition: The platform’s popularity means intense competition, making it challenging for new creators to stand out.


Dtube, with a user interface reminiscent of Twitter and Dailymotion, stands apart as a decentralized video-sharing platform. Its uniqueness lies in its utilization of video storage blockchain technology, ensuring enhanced security for users’ images and personal data compared to centralized platforms like YouTube. Notably, Dtube is ad-free and offers cryptocurrency profits to web owners.


  • Blockchain Security: Dtube uses blockchain technology, ensuring enhanced privacy and security for users.
  • Ad-Free Experience: Dtube offers an ad-free environment, providing uninterrupted viewing for users.
  • Cryptocurrency Incentives: Creators earn cryptocurrencies, offering a unique way to monetize content and engage the community.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Users can explore hot, trending, and watched videos, enhancing content discovery.


  • Enhanced Privacy: Blockchain technology ensures heightened security and privacy, attracting users concerned about data protection.
  • Financial Incentives: Content creators can earn cryptocurrencies, offering a unique revenue stream.
  • Ad-Free Environment: Users enjoy a seamless, ad-free viewing experience, enhancing overall user satisfaction.
  • Community Engagement: Dtube fosters a community-driven environment, encouraging user interaction and content sharing.


  • Limited User Base: Dtube’s user base might be smaller compared to mainstream platforms, potentially affecting content visibility.
  • Cryptocurrency Volatility: Earnings are in cryptocurrencies, subject to market fluctuations, impacting the value of earnings.
  • Learning Curve: Understanding blockchain technology and cryptocurrency earnings might be challenging for some users, affecting adoption rates.


Metacafe, a pioneer in the realm of online videos, predates YouTube, setting a trend for bite-sized entertainment. Specializing in succinct 90-second clips, Metacafe has become the go-to platform for users seeking rapid bursts of amusement and knowledge.

Features of Metacafe:

  1. Simplified Interface: Metacafe offers a user-friendly platform with neatly categorized sections, ensuring efficient and enjoyable browsing for its audience.
  2. Short-Form Content: Specializing in 90-second clips, Metacafe provides quick bursts of entertainment and knowledge, catering to viewers seeking rapid and engaging content.
  3. Light-Hearted Approach: The platform focuses on light-hearted, humorous content, making it an ideal choice for users interested in amusing product reviews, how-to guides, and entertaining user-generated clips.

Pros of Metacafe:

  1. Fast Entertainment: Metacafe delivers instant gratification, offering users quick laughs and informative guides without the need for lengthy time investments.
  2. Catchy Thumbnails and Titles: The platform utilizes eye-catching thumbnails and titles, enhancing the visual appeal and attracting viewers to its content.

Cons of Metacafe:

  1. Limited Depth: Metacafe’s content is brief and lacks in-depth exploration, making it unsuitable for users seeking detailed or technical information.
  2. Limited Scope: The platform’s focus on short-form content limits its ability to host complex or multifaceted topics, potentially leaving some viewers wanting more.


Vevo, born from a collaboration between music giants like Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, is a haven for music aficionados. Established in 2009, Vevo has earned a commendable position among video hosting sites.

Features of Vevo:

  1. Seamless Streaming: Vevo offers smooth and uninterrupted streaming of music videos, creating a delightful experience for viewers. It stands as a captivating alternative to YouTube, offering unlimited access to music videos that evoke emotions and transport viewers into the heart of the music.
  2. Immersive Musical Journey: While Vevo’s content may not be as diverse as YouTube’s vast array of offerings, it excels in delivering an immersive musical experience. Users can delve deep into melodies, vocals, and artistic visuals on Vevo, where music truly comes alive.

Pros of Vevo:

  1. Focused Music Experience: Vevo provides a focused platform for music enthusiasts, curating a vast collection of music videos and ensuring a rich and immersive musical journey.
  2. Emotional Connection: The platform’s emphasis on music allows users to establish emotional connections with their favorite artists, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Cons of Vevo:

  1. Limited Content Variety: Vevo primarily focuses on music videos, limiting the range of content compared to platforms like YouTube, which offer diverse content beyond music.
  2. Limited User-Generated Content: Unlike YouTube, Vevo has limited user-generated content, restricting the platform’s interactive and community-driven features.


Twitch, an Amazon subsidiary, stands as a leading video live-streaming platform that came into existence in June 2011, emerging as an alternative to Justin. tv. Focused primarily on video game live streaming, Twitch has expanded to include esports competitions, music broadcasts, creative content, and real-life streams, creating a diverse streaming ecosystem.

Features of Twitch:

  1. Gaming-Centric Streams: Twitch is a haven for gamers, offering a vast array of live streams where young gamers showcase their gameplay experiences, providing a unique and interactive platform for gaming enthusiasts.
  2. Content Variety: In addition to gaming, Twitch features music broadcasts and creative content, ensuring a diverse range of entertainment options beyond traditional gameplay.


  1. Live Interaction: Twitch allows real-time interaction between streamers and viewers, fostering a sense of community among gamers and enthusiasts.
  2. Extensive Gaming Library: Gamers can find a wide selection of gaming content, from casual playthroughs to professional esports tournaments, catering to diverse gaming preferences.


  1. Content Limitation: While gaming remains its stronghold, Twitch might not offer the same variety of content found on general video-sharing platforms like YouTube.


IGTV, Facebook’s innovative answer to long-form video sharing, presents an alternative to YouTube with a mobile-centric twist. Launched on Instagram, IGTV specializes in vertical videos designed for seamless viewing on smartphones, catering to the modern mobile audience.

Features of IGTV:

  1. Vertical Video Experience: IGTV’s focus on vertical videos provides a unique viewing experience optimized for smartphones, allowing creators to craft engaging content specifically tailored for mobile devices.
  2. Content Organization: Users can follow channels and explore a curated feed based on their interests, ensuring a personalized content experience that aligns with their preferences.


  1. Mobile-Friendly: IGTV is designed for on-the-go viewing, making it an ideal platform for users who prefer consuming content on their smartphones.
  2. Integration with Instagram: IGTV seamlessly integrates with Instagram, allowing users to discover videos from the creators they follow on the main Instagram app.


  1. App-Exclusive Browsing: While videos can be uploaded through the web, browsing IGTV content is limited to the app, potentially excluding users who prefer desktop browsing.
  2. Content Limitation: The platform’s focus on vertical videos may limit certain types of content that are better suited for horizontal formats.


Flickr, an American-based photo and video hosting service, stands as both a digital sanctuary for visual artistry and a thriving online community. Established by Ludicorp in 2004, this platform has garnered acclaim for its exceptional hosting of high-quality photos and videos. Currently owned by SmugMug since April 20, 2018, Flickr continues to be a go-to platform for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Features of Flickr:

  1. High-Quality Visuals: Flickr is renowned for hosting visually stunning photos and videos, providing a canvas for photographers and videographers to showcase their creativity.
  2. Privacy Options: Users can exercise control over their content’s visibility, with options for private, public, or restricted viewing. This flexibility allows creators to curate their audience, ensuring their work reaches the right viewers.


  1. Artistic Community: Flickr fosters a vibrant artistic community, connecting photographers, videographers, and visual storytellers from around the globe. It serves as a platform for collaboration, inspiration, and constructive feedback.
  2. Editing Capabilities: Flickr offers editing functions within a dedicated space, empowering users to enhance their visuals before sharing them with the world.


  1. Video Duration Limit: While Flickr allows video uploads, there is a limitation on video duration, with clips restricted to 90 seconds. This may be a drawback for users seeking to upload longer videos.

9Gag TV 

9Gag TV, originating from Hong Kong, emerges as an online video-sharing platform and social media website that embraces the spirit of user-generated content and creative expressions. Launched in 2008, it has become a hub for entertainment enthusiasts seeking a delightful escape into the world of memes, GIFs, and engaging videos.

Features of 9Gag TV:

  1. Diverse Content: 9Gag TV offers a wide range of content, including comedy clips, film trailers, and captivating videos, ensuring users are always entertained.
  2. Interactive Sections: Users can explore themed sections like ‘WOW’ and ‘WTF,’ delving into humorous content. However, be cautious as some content might not be suitable for the workplace (NSFW).


  1. Endless Entertainment: 9Gag TV provides an endless supply of entertainment in various forms, making it a preferred choice for individuals seeking lighthearted content.
  2. Social Media Integration: Users can seamlessly share content from 9Gag TV across various social media platforms, engaging with a wider audience.


  1. Content Moderation: While the platform offers a vast array of content, some users might find the need for stricter content moderation, especially concerning appropriateness and quality.


Utreon stands as a refreshing newcomer in the realm of video-sharing, challenging the norms set by mainstream platforms like YouTube. What sets Utreon apart is its liberating absence of stringent rules and regulations, offering content creators a canvas where their creativity can flourish with minimal constraints. While it isn’t entirely free, the platform boasts significantly relaxed restrictions compared to its counterparts, providing a haven for those seeking diverse and unconventional content.

Features of Utreon:

  1. Freedom of Expression: Utreon embraces a laissez-faire approach, allowing creators to explore a wide array of topics and genres without the confines of strict regulations.
  2. Seamless Transition: For content creators migrating from YouTube, Utreon simplifies the process by effortlessly extracting existing video libraries from YouTube and integrating them into the user’s Utreon profile.


  1. Creative Freedom: Utreon’s open environment encourages innovative and unconventional content, fostering a diverse range of videos that might not find a home on more conventional platforms.
  2. Smooth Integration: The platform’s ability to import videos from YouTube streamlines the onboarding process for content creators, making the transition seamless.


  1. Paid Platform: While offering lenient restrictions, Utreon operates as a paid platform, potentially limiting access for users seeking free content.

The Internet Archive 

The Internet Archive stands as a digital repository, akin to an extensive library, housing a vast array of free content encompassing books, music, software, and a rich collection of videos and movies. This platform is a treasure trove for history enthusiasts, offering a unique assortment of historical and obsolete videos alongside some contemporary content.

Features of The Internet Archive:

  1. Historical Riches: The Internet Archive boasts an unparalleled collection of historical videos, providing a glimpse into the past through its extensive library.
  2. Diverse Content: From outdated gems to relatively recent videos, the platform offers a diverse selection, catering to a wide range of interests.


  1. Historical Significance: The platform excels in preserving historical content, making it a valuable resource for researchers, historians, and enthusiasts.
  2. Free Access: The Internet Archive provides open access to its vast collection, allowing users to explore and enjoy a plethora of content without any cost.


  1. Outdated Content: While housing valuable historical content, some of the videos might be outdated, potentially limiting appeal for those seeking contemporary material.

TED Talks 

TED Talks emerged as a leading video website, offering a compelling alternative to YouTube, particularly for individuals drawn to inspirational and thought-provoking content. With a repository of over 2,300 talks covering an expansive array of topics such as technology, business, design, science, and global issues, TED Talks provides a platform where impactful ideas find a voice.

Features of TED Talks:

  1. Inspirational Variety: TED Talks feature speeches that are funny, emotional, and deeply inspiring, ensuring viewers encounter memorable insights with every video.
  2. Time-Efficient Format: Videos are conveniently tagged, indicating their duration, enabling viewers to choose talks based on their available time, and enhancing accessibility for those with busy schedules.


  1. Inspiration On-Demand: TED Talks offers a wealth of wisdom, making it an ideal destination for individuals seeking motivation, knowledge, and fresh perspectives.
  2. Intellectual Enrichment: The platform encourages intellectual growth, sparking curiosity and encouraging viewers to explore diverse subjects.


  1. Subjective Content: The appeal of TED Talks depends on individual interests; while some may find every speech impactful, others might not resonate with every topic presented.


Veoh stands as a robust alternative to YouTube, gaining prominence in recent times as a vibrant video-sharing platform. This space is a treasure trove for users seeking an eclectic mix of content, blending both user-uploaded creations and professionally produced studio content. Veoh’s vast library encompasses millions of short videos, TV shows, movies, and anime, offering a rich tapestry of entertainment options.

Features of Veoh:

  1. Diverse Content: Veoh hosts a myriad of videos, ranging from user-generated content to studio-produced TV shows, ensuring a diverse viewing experience.
  2. No Upload Limits: Content creators enjoy the freedom of uploading unlimited videos, unrestricted by limitations on quantity or duration, fostering creativity without constraints.
  3. Social Integration: Veoh offers robust social features, enabling easy distribution of videos among friends and the wider Veoh community, enhancing the platform’s collaborative essence.


  1. Unrestricted Creativity: Veoh provides a canvas without boundaries, allowing creators to explore their creativity freely, unburdened by limitations.
  2. Global Accessibility: While some features are limited to the United States, user-generated content is accessible worldwide, fostering a global community of creators and viewers.


  1. Regional Restrictions: Certain studio-produced content may have geographical limitations, impacting accessibility for viewers outside specific regions.


PeerTube emerged as a revolutionary peer-to-peer video-sharing platform, standing staunchly against ads and censorship. This platform liberates content creators, offering unrestricted freedom to upload any desired videos, unencumbered by constraints. Operating on a peer-to-peer network, PeerTube challenges the traditional server-based model by hosting videos on users’ computers, creating a decentralized and censorship-resistant ecosystem.

Features of PeerTube:

  1. Complete Freedom: Users enjoy absolute freedom to upload any video without limitations, fostering an environment of unrestricted creativity and expression.
  2. Peer-to-Peer Network: Videos are shared via a peer-to-peer network, challenging the conventional server-based approach, ensuring robustness and resilience against censorship.


  1. Decentralized Sharing: PeerTube’s peer-to-peer network empowers decentralized sharing, reducing reliance on central servers and promoting community-driven content dissemination.
  2. Censorship Resistance: Due to its decentralized nature, PeerTube is resilient against censorship, safeguarding freedom of expression and content diversity.


  1. Learning Curve: Users might need to familiarize themselves with the peer-to-peer network model, potentially posing a slight learning curve for newcomers.
  2. Quality Control: As content is diverse and decentralized, ensuring quality control might require community-driven mechanisms to maintain a high standard of videos.

Final thoughts on Best Video Sharing Apps other than YouTube

And there you have it, aspiring videographers and content creators! We’ve journeyed through the diverse landscape of video sharing apps, opening doors to exciting new possibilities beyond YouTube. These platforms aren’t just alternatives; they are vibrant communities waiting to embrace your creativity and unique perspective.

In a world that’s constantly evolving, these apps offer you the chance to connect with audiences in fresh, innovative ways. From short clips to long-form content, from tutorials to entertainment, these platforms cater to every video style and taste.

Embracing these apps means not just reaching new viewers, but also discovering untapped creative potential within you. The variety of platforms ensures that there’s a space for every kind of content – whether you’re into art, comedy, technology, or heartfelt storytelling.

So, don’t hold back! Dive into these apps, experiment, and find your niche. Your videos deserve to be seen by the world, and these platforms are your ticket to global audiences. Here’s to exploring, creating, and sharing your vision with the world. Happy filming, and may your videos inspire, entertain, and connect with audiences far and wide! 🌟🎬

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