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Renowned for both her beauty and talent, Ushna Shah stands as a beloved figure, adored by fans worldwide. However, her path to stardom wasn’t always paved with recognition. Born on February 12, 1990, in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, Ushna spent her early years in Canada. Her mother, Ismat Tahira, a radio and TV artist, played a significant role in shaping her early life. Ushna is also the sister of Shah Sharabeel, a theatre director, and the half-sister of actress Irsa Ghazal.

Ushna’s journey into the world of entertainment began at a remarkably young age. Even at six, she showcased her acting prowess by hosting a radio show for Radio Punjab during her visits to Pakistan. Despite being raised in Canada, Ushna’s connection to her Pakistani roots remained strong.

Join us as we unravel the captivating biography of Ushna Shah, tracing her journey from Lahore to stardom, marked by talent, determination, and a relentless pursuit of her true calling.

Biography of Ushna Shah

Field Information
Full Name Ushna Shah
Date of Birth February 12, 1990
Birthplace Toronto, Canada
Nationality Canadian-Pakistani
Family – Father: Shah
– Mother: Ismat Ara
– Siblings: Shah Sharabeel, Irsa Ghazal
Current Residence Karachi, Pakistan
Acting Career Highlights – “Duaa” (2015)
– “Neelam Kinaray” (2016)
– “Ab Kar Meri Rafugari” (2016)
– “Thoda sa Aasman” (2017)
Relationship Status In a relationship with Hamza Amin
Social Media Presence – Instagram: @ushnashah
– Facebook: Ushna Shah Official
– Twitter: @ushnashah
Personal Engagement Platforms Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Hailing from a noble family in Toronto, Canada, Ushna Shah’s familial roots trace back to respected figures in the community. Born to Shah and Ismat Ara, Ushna shares her artistic inclinations with her siblings, Shah Sharabeel and Irsa Ghazal, both making their mark in the entertainment industry. This rich familial background undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping Ushna’s artistic journey.

Acting Prowess and Milestones

Ushna Shah embarked on her acting odyssey with character roles, gradually ascending to the pinnacle of success. Her repertoire includes critically acclaimed serials such as “Duaa” (2015), “Neelam Kinaray” (2016), “Ab Kar Meri Rafugari” (2016), and “Thoda sa Aasman” (2017). These milestones firmly establish her as a leading actress in the dynamic landscape of Pakistan’s entertainment industry.



  • Habbs – Ayesha


  • Aakhir Kab Tak – Noor (Fajar’s elder sister)
  • Parizaad – Naheed


  • Bandhay Ek Dour Se


  • Choti Choti Batain – Mujhe Tum Pasand Ho
  • Bewafa
  • Cheekh


  • Balaa
  • Lashkara


  • Alif Allah Aur Insaan
  • Neelum Kinaray


  • Ab Kar Meri Rafugari
  • Thoda Sa Aasman


  • Bheegi Palkein
  • Piya Mann Bhaye
  • Duaa


  • Hum Tehray Gunahgaar
  • Bashar Momin


  • Shehr-e-Yaran
  • Mere Khwabon Ka Diya
  • Ru Baru Ishq Tha
  • Rukhsaar

Personal Life and Love Story with Hamza Amin

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Ushna Shah has gracefully shared aspects of her personal life. Her relationship with Hamza Amin, a skilled golfer and the son of Taimur Hassan Amin, Chairman of the Asia Pacific Golf Federation, has been made public through an Instagram post. While the duo hasn’t taken the matrimonial plunge yet, their commitment has been acknowledged by fans, offering a peek into the actress’s narrative.

Active Social Media Engagement and Fan Connection

Ushna Shah remains a dynamic presence on various social media platforms, actively connecting with her audience on Instagram (@ushnashah) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ushnashahofficial). Fans seeking her thoughts and updates can follow her on Twitter (@ushnashah). Despite the absence of an official YouTube channel, Ushna’s consistent engagement on other platforms keeps her fanbase connected and well-informed.

Conclusion: A Visionary Trajectory

In conclusion, Ushna Shah’s trajectory in the entertainment domain, coupled with her personal charisma and adept public engagement, foreshadows a promising future. As she continues to enthrall audiences with her multifaceted talent, enthusiasts can eagerly await more achievements and updates from this versatile Canadian-Pakistani actress and model.

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