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Hello, future Ufone users! Did you know that you can pick a phone number that suits you perfectly? That’s right! In this blog post, we’re going to talk about how you can choose your own Ufone number.

Your phone number is more than just digits; it’s your identity in the digital world. Whether you want a number that’s easy to remember or one with a special meaning, Ufone offers you the freedom to personalize your phone number according to your preferences.

Process for Choosing Your Number Ufone

1. Visit Ufone’s Official Website:

  • Open the Ufone official website or click on the provided link.
  • Browse through the available numbers, meticulously selecting the arrangement that suits your preferences for easy dialing.

2. Secure Your Number:

  • Once you’ve identified your perfect number, you can reserve it online.
  • Ufone offers two convenient options for users: a. Home Delivery: If you prefer to have your chosen number delivered to your doorstep, a nominal fee of 385 rupees is applicable. b. Self-Pick Option: For those who want to collect their SIM personally, a reduced charge of 250 rupees is applicable.

3. Complete the Transaction:

  • Proceed to the payment section, where you can choose your preferred payment method and finalize the transaction.

4. Enjoy Your Ufone Experience:

  • Upon successful payment, your chosen number will be reserved exclusively for you.
  • You can now enjoy the seamless Ufone services with a number that resonates with your identity.

Embrace the convenience of the digital era with Ufone’s Choose Number service. By offering affordable and user-friendly online solutions, Ufone ensures that your mobile experience begins with the perfect number, tailored to your liking. Say goodbye to the complexities of physical SIM acquisition and hello to a hassle-free, personalized Ufone connection!

Booking Your Ufone Number 

Before you embark on booking your exclusive Ufone number, it’s crucial to adhere to specific requirements to ensure a smooth and successful process. Here’s a breakdown of the essential fields you need to fill in and the steps you should follow:

Required Fields:

  • Verify Your Selected Number: Double-check the chosen mobile number to ensure accuracy.
  • Alternative Contact Number: Provide an alternative contact number in case the selected number is already taken.
  • National Identity Card (CNIC) Number: Enter the 13-digit National Identity Card number for verification.
  • Choose Delivery Method:
    • Doorstep Delivery (Rs 385): Opt for home delivery for utmost convenience.
    • Franchise Pickup (Rs 250): Select self-pickup from a Ufone franchise if you prefer.
  • Confirmation: Once all details are verified and accurate, click on “confirm order” to finalize the process.

Tracking Your Order:

Ufone ensures transparency and peace of mind through its efficient order-tracking service. Here’s how you can keep an eye on your SIM order’s progress:

  • Enter Tracking Number: Use the unique tracking number provided during the ordering process.
  • Alternative Method: If you don’t have a tracking number, input the “ordered number” instead.
  • Track Your Order: Click on the “track” button to monitor your order’s current status and location.
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