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Born on January 17, 1994, in Lahore, Sajal Aly has evolved into a renowned Pakistani actress, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. With a career spanning over a decade, Sajal’s journey is characterized by talent, dedication, and versatility. In this exploration, we delve into the life and achievements of this gifted actress, celebrating her contributions to Pakistani entertainment. Join us as we trace Sajal Aly’s remarkable career, from her roots in Lahore to becoming a prominent figure known for her excellence in acting.

Sajal Aly Biography:

Category Details
Full Name Sajal Aly
Birthdate January 17, 1994
Birthplace Lahore
Family Mother: Rahat Ali
Sister: Saboor Ali
Brother: Ali Syed
Father’s details undisclosed
Career Debut Geo TV’s “Nadaaniyaan” (2009)
Genres Social dramas, romantic narratives, films
Notable Dramas “Yakeen Ka Safar,” “O Rungreza,” “Aangan”
Film Appearances “Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai,” “Mom”
Marital Status Divorced (Legally separated from Ahad Raza Mir in 2022)
Siblings’ Professions Saboor Ali – Actress
Social Media Instagram: @sajalaly
Awards Various nominations and awards for her performances
Personal Loss Mother’s passing in 2017 due to cancer

Born in Lahore, Sajal Aly initiated her career as a model in 2009, stepping into the acting realm shortly after gaining recognition. Making her debut with a minor role in Geo TV’s parody drama “Nadaaniyaan,” Sajal has since evolved into a versatile actress, showcasing her talent in various genres, from social dramas to romantic narratives.

Personal Life:

Sajal Aly’s family includes her mother Rahat Ali, sister Saboor Ali, and brother Ali Syed. Her father’s details remain undisclosed, but her upbringing, marred by financial struggles after her father’s second marriage, fueled her journey into acting. Despite personal challenges, Sajal Aly stands as a testament to resilience and success.

Professional Journey:

Matriculating in education, Sajal Aly pursued her passion for acting, making a mark in the industry. Notable dramas in her extensive portfolio include “Yakeen Ka Safar,” “O Rungreza,” and “Aangan.” Her talent transcends television, as evidenced by her appearances in films like “Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai” and “Mom.”

Sajal Ali Dramas List:

  • Noor ul Ain (2017 Idream Entertainment)
  • Chammi (2018 MD Productions)
  • Momina Sultan (2018 Next Level Entertainment)
  • Aangan (HUM TV)
  • Yakeen Ka Safar
  • O Rungreza
  • Mera Yaar Miladay
  • Kahani Raima Aur Manahil Ki
  • Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye
  • Sitamgar
  • Zubia Khalil
  • Sassi
  • Mushq
  • Saira
  • Zoya

Marriage and Divorce:

Sajal Aly’s marriage to Ahad Raza Mir in March 2020 captivated fans, creating one of the industry’s beloved couples. Unfortunately, the couple legally divorced in March 2022, marking a personal transition in Sajal Aly’s life.

Siblings and Relationships:

Sajal Aly shares a strong bond with her sister Saboor Ali, also a renowned actress in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Additionally, her on-screen collaborations with Feroze Khan have showcased their excellent chemistry, emphasizing their friendship and professionalism.

Social Media Presence:

While Sajal Aly’s contact number remains private, her fans can connect with her through various social media platforms.

Instagram: Click here
Facebook: Click here

Awards and Recognitions:

Sajal Aly’s contributions to the entertainment industry have earned her accolades. Her exceptional performances have garnered nominations and awards, solidifying her status as one of Pakistan’s most celebrated actresses.

Personal Loss and Triumphs:

The passing of Sajal Aly’s mother, Rahat Ali, in 2017 due to cancer was a personal tragedy. Despite facing hardships, Sajal Aly’s journey in acting became a channel for healing and success.

Future Prospects:

As Sajal Aly navigates through life’s transitions, her fans eagerly await her future projects. Her versatility, resilience, and dedication to her craft continue to make her a beloved and respected figure in the Pakistani entertainment scene.


Sajal Aly’s story is one of talent, triumphs, and personal growth. From her early days as a model to becoming a powerhouse in Pakistani dramas and films, Sajal Aly’s journey remains an inspiration for aspiring actors and fans alike. Her impact on the industry is a testament to her dedication and love for the craft.

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