Safari Park in Karachi | Ticket Price, Location and Timings

Safari Park, nestled in the lively neighborhood of Gulshan–e–Iqbal, stands as one of Karachi’s prominent adventure spots. Boasting a vast green landscape, this park is home to diverse animals and wildlife. The animals are thoughtfully housed in expansive cages, allowing visitors a glimpse into their natural habitats. Located in the suburbs of the city, the park is strategically placed away from the urban hustle, ensuring the well-being and protection of wildlife.

Situated near Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Safari Park attracts residents from these localities who seek weekend retreats amid nature. Families, in particular, find solace in spending quality time here, especially because children are fascinated by the array of animals. Beyond being budget-friendly, the park offers a serene environment, providing a peaceful escape from the city’s buzz.

Established in 1970 by the Karachi government, Safari Park stands as one of the oldest parks in the city. Its proximity to the well-known artery, University Road, makes it easily accessible. The park boasts unique attractions, including the mini zoo, safari zoo, Go-Aish Adventure Park, and much more.

Visitors to Safari Park are sure to be enamored not only by its fantastic facilities but also by the intricate details that become apparent with prolonged exploration. For those who work up an appetite during their visit, numerous food stalls offer a variety of snacks, from biryani to chips and biscuits.

Safari Park Karachi Ticket Price 

Access to Safari Park is incredibly budget-friendly, with an entrance fee of only PKR 30 per person, applicable to both children and adults. This modest fee allows individuals to witness wild animals in a setting that closely resembles their natural environment. Additional experiences, such as a bus ride around the park or capturing pictures with the elephants in the Elephant Enclave, come at an extra cost of PKR 50.

Location and Contact Information:

  • Address: University Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
  • Contact Number: (021) 99204300

Safari Park Karachi Timing:

The park operates with consistent timings, opening its gates at 6 am and concluding the day at 8 am. However, specific services, like the bus ride, commence at 2 pm daily.

Services Offered by Safari Park  

Safari Park provides an array of services and activities to make every family trip memorable. Visitors should be prepared for some physical activity, as exploring the vast park may involve considerable walking. The expansive green grasslands contribute to a tranquil experience. Here are some of the services offered:

  1. Bus and Train Ride: Explore the park comfortably on a guided bus or train ride.
  2. Chair Lift: Experience the thrill of a chair lift ride offering panoramic views.
  3. Swan Lake: Enjoy the serene beauty of Swan Lake within the park.
  4. Kashmir Point: Take in the scenic beauty from the elevated Kashmir Point.
  5. Adventure Land: Engage in various adventurous activities within the Adventure Land.
  6. Amusement Park: Delight in the amusements of the park’s entertainment section.
  7. Elephant Enclave: Interact with elephants and capture memories at the Elephant Enclave.
  8. Go-Aish Theme Park: Experience excitement and thrills at the Go-Aish Theme Park.

Safari Park in Karachi, with its diverse offerings, stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to providing a wholesome and enjoyable recreational space for its residents.

Attractions Galore: Exploring Safari Park’s Wonders

Safari Park, a beloved destination among the residents of Karachi, has garnered fame over the years, thanks to its captivating attractions, top-notch facilities, and distinctive charm. Below, we delve into some of the key highlights that make Safari Park a must-visit locale:

Chair Lift:

The Chair Lift introduces an added element of excitement to Safari Park, providing the public with a scenic 10-minute ride. Though temporarily non-operational, there is optimism that this attraction may resume its services in the coming days.

Bus Ride:

The Bus Ride stands out as one of Safari Park’s premier services, offering visitors a guided tour through the main wildlife park. This venture takes patrons to the mini zoo area, allowing them to witness live wildlife. As the bus navigates through gate number 1 and gate number 2, a plethora of animals, including zebras, lambs, monkeys, elephants, and deer, capture the attention of delighted tourists. While there might be a lack of maps, the bus and train rides provide valuable assistance in exploring the wildlife enclosures.

Swan Lake:

Safari Park boasts an enchanting Swan Lake adorned with numerous ducks. The lake features a pagoda-style sitting area, providing a scenic backdrop for the ducks and various other avian species. Observing the graceful white swans gliding across the lake’s water is a truly breathtaking experience. Visitors of all ages gather around Swan Lake, sharing moments of tranquility while feeding the elegant birds with popcorn and bread. The soothing sounds of nature and the lush greenery enhance the overall serenity of the surroundings.


Go–Aish, a private theme park within Safari Park, offers an array of thrilling activities, including quad biking, ropes courses, indoor climbing, paintball, and a mini-golf course. While it may currently be closed for unspecified reasons, there’s anticipation that it may reopen to the public in the future.

Animals at Safari Park:

The primary allure of Safari Park is, undoubtedly, the diverse array of animals. Spanning a vast area, the park is home to animals of various sizes and temperaments, ranging from the majestic lion and graceful deer to playful monkeys, stately elephants, wild pigeons, and elusive wild cats. The expansive grounds provide an immersive experience, allowing visitors to witness these creatures in a habitat that closely resembles their natural surroundings. The list is extensive, featuring mountain goats and a wide variety of wildlife that adds to the park’s allure.

Final Thoughts 

Safari Park stands as an enduring favorite, capturing the hearts of the public with its outstanding facilities and captivating attractions. As visitors spend more time within its boundaries, they invariably develop an appreciation for the park’s intricate details. It remains an all-time favorite and a truly memorable place for every individual fortunate enough to experience its wonders. A visit to Safari Park becomes a cherished milestone, etched into the memories of those who have had the pleasure of exploring its diverse offerings.

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