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Delve into the life of Rida Isfahani, a prominent Pakistani model, host, and actress known for her appearances in both films and television shows. Notably, she garnered attention in November 2016 when a private intimate video surfaced online. In a turn of events in 2022, Rida accused her ex-fiance of recording and leaking the video, bringing a new dimension to the story. Explore Rida Isfahani’s journey, from her career in the entertainment industry to the personal challenges she has faced, as this biography unfolds the various facets of her life, including her height, age, relationships, family, and more.

Biography of Rida Isfahani

Field Information
Name Rida Isfahani
Date of Birth November 26, 1992
Place of Birth Karachi, Pakistan
Age 32
Education Pursuing LLB
Family Father: Kazim Raza Isfahani; Mother: Mehmooda Isfahani; Brothers: Ghalib Raza Isfahani, Ali Isfahani
Marital Status Previously married to Salman Sheikh; Divorced
Acting Career Distinguished actress in the Pakistani entertainment industry; Known for immersive performances
Physical Attributes Height: 5 feet 5 inches; Weight: 60 kg
Net Worth Undisclosed; Suggests a successful and promising career

Rida Isfahani, born on November 26, 1992, in Karachi, Pakistan, is a distinguished actress making waves in the Pakistani entertainment industry. At 32, her journey in the world of acting has been marked by dedication and talent.

Early Life and Education:

Raised in Karachi, Rida is currently pursuing her education, with a focus on graduating with LLB. Her commitment to both her academic and professional pursuits showcases her determination and multifaceted talents.

Family Background:

Rida Isfahani hails from a family rooted in tradition and values. Her father, Kazim Raza Isfahani, and mother, Mehmooda Isfahani, have been pillars of support throughout her life. She shares her familial bond with brothers Ghalib Raza Isfahani and Ali Isfahani.

Marriage and Personal Life:

Rida Isfahani was previously married to Salman Sheikh, and they have since divorced. While details about her personal life are kept private, her experiences contribute to the depth and emotion she brings to her acting roles.

Acting Career:

As an actress, Rida Isfahani has been captivating audiences with her performances. Her choice of roles and ability to immerse herself in characters have established her as a rising star in the Pakistani entertainment scene.

Rida Isfahani Dramas

A few of her dramas include

  • Roag
  • Kitni Girhain Baq Hain
  • Zindagi Tere Bina
  • Meri Saheli Meri Bhabhi
  • We Are Family
  • Magrib Ki Isha
  • Pul Sirat
  • Murada Mai
  • Mohabbat Humsafar Meri
  • Jatan
  • Uteray Ga Na Ab Koi Khizar
  • Middle Class

Physical Attributes:

Standing at 5 feet 5 inches and weighing 60 kilograms, Rida Isfahani carries herself with grace and elegance. Her physical attributes complement her on-screen presence, adding to her overall charm.

Net Worth:

While specific details about Rida Isfahani’s net worth remain undisclosed, her growing prominence in the industry suggests a successful and promising career trajectory. As her body of work expands, so does her influence and financial standing.


At 32, Rida Isfahani embodies the spirit of a versatile and accomplished actress. Her dedication to education, family values, and the craft of acting positions her as a role model for aspiring talents. As she continues to evolve in her career, audiences can anticipate witnessing more of her talent and charisma on both the small and big screens.

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