Resham Shares Thoughts on Sajal Aly and Imran Ashraf’s Divorces

Resham, a distinguished name in the world of old Lollywood and the drama industry, is gearing up for a remarkable return to the silver screen in the upcoming film “Gunjal,” where she shares the stage with Ahmad Ali Akbar. The announcement of Resham’s comeback has stirred excitement among fans eager to witness the veteran actress’s captivating performances once again.

In a recent interview on Maliha Rehman’s show, Resham opened up about her personal life and shared insightful views on the dynamics of relationships within the entertainment industry. The seasoned actress revealed her heartfelt desire for a loyal life partner, expressing a sense of loneliness that she would have willingly left showbiz earlier to alleviate if she had found the right companion.

Resham delved into the topic of divorces within the industry, expressing both sadness and concern over the increasing prevalence of such occurrences. She spoke openly about her emotional connection to Sajal Aly, a fellow industry colleague, whose recent divorce deeply saddened her. Additionally, Resham touched upon Imran Ashraf’s divorce, emphasizing that these experiences have made her more cautious, especially when considering marriage with someone outside the entertainment sphere.


The actress’s candid reflections on her journey and observations within the industry provide a unique insight into the challenges and contemplations of someone who has been an integral part of the entertainment world for decades. As Resham prepares to grace the silver screen once again with “Gunjal,” her return promises to be a significant moment in the Pakistani film landscape.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of “Gunjal” to witness Resham’s powerful on-screen presence and to celebrate the enduring legacy of a talent that has left an indelible mark on Lollywood. The actress’s thoughts on relationships and the industry’s evolving dynamics add a thoughtful layer to her public persona, resonating with fans who appreciate the authenticity and depth she brings to both her craft and her reflections on life.

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