Naveen Waqar | Biography, Age, Family & Other Facts

Dive into the enchanting world of Naveen Waqar, a well-known Pakistani actress, model, and former VJ who has left an indelible mark with her versatile acting skills and captivating performances on-screen. In this article, we embark on a comprehensive exploration of Naveen Waqar’s personal and professional life. From her age and family dynamics to her noteworthy drama appearances, we unfold the layers that define this talented individual’s journey.

Naveen Waqar | Biography, Age, Family & Other Facts

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Date of Birth January 9, 1986
Place of Birth Karachi, Pakistan
Family – Parents: Naheed Waqar (Interior Designer), Mr. Waqar (Businessman)
– Siblings: Two younger brothers, including Faraz Waqar Haider (Filmmaker and Writer)
Marital Status Divorced from actor Azfar Ali in November 2015
Physical Stats – Height: 5’6″
– Weight: 56 kg
Career Highlights – Started as a VJ and gained fame with the drama serial “Humsafar” (2012)
– Appeared in hit dramas like “Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat,” “Uff Meri Family,” “Alvida,” etc.
Net Worth Not publicly available

Naveen Waqar was born on 9 January 1986 in Karachi, Pakistan. She completed her early education in Karachi and later pursued her career as a VJ. Her acting career took off with the popular drama serial Humsafar in 2012, where she played the role of Sara Ajmal, the antagonist, and received widespread appreciation for her performance.

Personal Life:

Naveen Waqar belongs to a well-educated family and lives in Karachi with her parents and siblings. Her mother, Naheed Waqar, is an interior designer, while her father, Mr. Waqar, is a businessman. She has two younger brothers, one of whom is Faraz Waqar Haider, who is known for his film-making and has also worked in the field of writing. Naveen got married to actor Azfar Ali in 2012, but the couple got divorced in November 2015.

Physical Appearance:

Naveen Waqar is 5’6 tall and weighs around 56kg. She has a slim and toned figure which she maintains with a healthy lifestyle and regular workouts. Her captivating smile and sparkling eyes add to her charm.


Naveen Waqar has starred in numerous hit drama serials, including Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat, Uff Meri Family, Alvida, Mol, and Be Inteha. She has also appeared in several music videos and TV commercials. Currently, she is one of the most sought-after actresses in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Net Worth:

The net worth of Naveen Waqar is not publicly available; however, considering her successful career, it is expected to be quite substantial.


Naveen Waqar stands as a shining star in the realm of Pakistani entertainment, her journey marked by versatility, talent, and a magnetic on-screen presence. From her roots to her current stature, Waqar’s story reflects the essence of a modern actress who has carved her niche in the industry. As we wrap up this exploration into her life, it is evident that Naveen Waqar is not just an actress; she is a storyteller, captivating audiences and leaving an enduring impact on the ever-evolving landscape of Pakistani media.

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