Meet the Pakistani Star who Played Bobby Deol’s wife in Animal Movie

Bollywood movies continue to enjoy a massive fan following in Pakistan, even though theatrical releases have become less common. Fans eagerly turn to OTT platforms to catch the latest releases, and one recent sensation that garnered attention is the film “Animal,” featuring powerhouse performances by Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol. Despite its perceived violent nature, the movie achieved substantial box office success worldwide. What adds an interesting twist to the narrative is the participation of a Pakistani talent in the film.

Shafina Shah, a Pakistani actress, played a noteworthy role as Bobby Deol’s second wife, Abrar, in “Animal.” Despite having limited screen time and fewer scenes, Shafina managed to leave a lasting impression on the audience, receiving acclaim for her performance.

Originally hailing from the UK, Shafina Shah boasts a diverse heritage, with a Pakistani mother and an Indian father. Acting runs in her blood, as both her parents were also actors, paving the way for her to follow in their footsteps. Beyond her acting prowess, Shafina holds the title of Miss World Pakistan 2023, adding another dimension to her multi-faceted career. As the representative of Pakistan in the upcoming Miss World pageant, Shafina brings a unique blend of cultural influences to the international stage.

In a recent interview with Madiha Naqvi on Subh Ka Samaa, Shafina shared insights into her experience on the sets of “Animal,” shedding light on the challenges and joys of being part of such a high-profile Bollywood production. Her journey in the film industry, coupled with her pageant success, reflects a promising trajectory for this talented actress with a rich cultural background.

Shafina Shah’s inclusion in “Animal” not only adds diversity to the film but also showcases the cross-border collaborations that continue to transcend geopolitical boundaries in the entertainment industry. As fans eagerly await her representation of Pakistan in the Miss World pageant, Shafina stands as a symbol of the interconnectedness of the South Asian entertainment landscape.

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