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Kiran Ashfaq, a multi-talented Pakistani actress, model, influencer, and beauty blogger, has carved her niche in the vibrant world of showbiz. Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, Kiran, also known as Kiran Ashfaque Hussein Dar, stands as a well-known personality in the country’s entertainment industry.

Apart from her successful career, Kiran has gained recognition as the ex-wife of actor Imran Ashraf. Embracing social media, she has amassed a substantial fan following on Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her life and work.

Kiran Ashfaq Biography

Attribute Information
Full Name Kiran Ashfaque Hussein Dar (Kiran Ashfaq)
Occupation Actress, Model, Influencer, Beauty Blogger
Birth Date November 10, 1993
Age 29 (As of November 29, 2023)
Birth Place Karachi, Pakistan
Education Degree in Media Sciences
Social Media Instagram 
Physical Attributes Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: Approximately 55 kg
Family – Father: Well-established businessman in Karachi
– Mother: Dedicated housewife
– Sister: Information remains confidential
Marriage Ex-Husband: Imran Ashraf (Actor)
Son: Roham
Favorite Color Black
Favorite Destination Turkey
Favorites Food: Biryani, Drink: Coffee
Showbiz Journey Started as a model, ventured into dramas, beauty blogging, and social media influencing

Kiran, with her warm-hearted nature and stunning appearance, has left a lasting impression on her audience. Her favorite holiday destination is Turkey, and she has a particular fondness for Biryani and coffee. Black is her preferred color, often reflected in her stylish outfits.

Age and Education

Born on November 10, 1993, in Karachi, Pakistan, Kiran is currently 29 years old. Her educational journey includes completing schooling at a private institution in Karachi and later pursuing a degree in media sciences. Driven by her passion for acting and modeling, Kiran ventured into the dynamic world of showbiz.

Social Media Presence

Active on various social media platforms, Kiran engages with her fans through Instagram, where she shares pictures, videos, and updates about her life and career.

Instagram 431 K Followers
TikTok 80.0 K Followers    
Facebook 5.4 K Followers

Physical Attributes


Kiran stands out as one of the most captivating figures in the Pakistani showbiz industry, where she has made a mark as both a talented actor and a model. With striking brown hair that complements her charming face and exceptional acting skills, she has garnered popularity. Kiran is often seen donning Western dresses, accentuating her hourglass-shaped body.

Feature Measurement
Height (cm) 165
Height (m) 1.65
Height (ft in) 5′ 5″
Weight (kg) 64
Weight (lbs) 141
Chest (in) 34
Waist (in) 28
Hip size (in) 35
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black

Family Support

Kiran was born and brought up in Karachi, Pakistan, in a very supportive and loving family. Her family has always stood by her, providing unwavering support for her choices and career path.

Continued Success

Kiran Ashfaq continues to captivate audiences with her talent and charisma, leaving an indelible mark on the Pakistani entertainment industry. For those interested in following her journey, her Instagram account is the go-to place for the latest updates.

Kiran Ashfaq’s Family and Personal Life


Kiran Ashfaq’s father is a well-established businessman in Karachi. Throughout her career, he has been a pillar of support, encouraging and motivating her to pursue and achieve her goals.


Her mother, a dedicated housewife, has played a crucial role in Kiran’s life, providing unwavering support and contributing significantly to shaping her career.


Details about Kiran Ashfaq’s sister remain confidential, and she prefers to keep information about her siblings private.

Husband and Son

In 2018, Kiran tied the knot with actor Imran Ashraf. However, due to personal differences, the couple decided to part ways. They share a son named Roham.

Kiran’s Life After Divorce

Kiran’s life after divorce wasn’t just about legal paperwork and custody agreements. It was a period of profound transformation, both internally and externally. She embraced a new sense of self, reflected in her evolving fashion choices, vibrant hair colors, and a newfound wanderlust. This metamorphosis, however, wasn’t met with unanimous applause. Whispers of disapproval and accusatory comments swirled around her, painting her as reckless and disrespectful.

But Kiran refused to let negativity dim her light. With characteristic grace and dignity, she addressed the criticism head-on. Her message to young girls resonated far and wide: don’t mold yourself to fit someone else’s expectations. Embrace your individuality, radiate confidence, and find joy in your skin.

kiran ashfaque new look kiran ashfaque new look kiran ashfaque new look

Furthermore, she dispelled rumors of acrimony with her ex-husband. Instead, she spoke of a healthy co-parenting relationship, built on mutual respect and shared love for their son. She acknowledged Imran as both a father and a talented actor and expressed gratitude for his understanding during their separation.

Kiran Ashfaq’s Second Wedding 

In 2023, Kiran’s fans were delighted (and perhaps a tad surprised) by the news of her second marriage. Her chosen partner, Hamza Ali Chaudhary, a lawyer and lecturer, brought a new chapter of love and fulfillment into her life. Pictures of their wedding ceremony, with Kiran resplendent in a crimson bridal dress, flooded social media, radiating joy and a newfound sense of security.

Her heartfelt message to Hamza, posted on Instagram, spoke volumes about the depth of their connection. He was her “best friend,” her “soulmate,” the one who painted her world with vibrant hues. Kiran openly thanked Allah for this second chance at love and happiness, her words brimming with contentment and hope for the future.

kiran ashfaque wedding pictures kiran ashfaque wedding pictures


Acting Career

Kiran Ashfaque embarked on her professional acting journey with her debut in the drama “Khasara.” Her notable supporting roles in dramas like “Mere Damad” and “Khudgarz” have contributed to her rising fame. Beyond her acting prowess, Kiran has become a social media influencer, connecting with a broad audience.

Modeling Career

In addition to her success in acting, Kiran has made a mark in the modeling industry. Collaborating with various fashion designers, she has engaged in paid promotions and participated in numerous brand photo shoots. Appreciated for her stunning appearance and innocent demeanor, Kiran has gained a significant fan base on social media.


Kiran has graced different television series with her presence. Let’s take a closer look at her television journey:

  • 2017: “Khudgarz”
  • 2018: “Khasara”
  • 2022: “Mere Damad”

Net Worth

As of 2024, Kiran’s estimated net worth stood at approximately USD 1 million or 1 crore PKR. Given her sustained success in the entertainment industry, it is plausible that her net worth has seen consistent growth over time.

  • Net Worth: $1 Million
  • Income Source: Acting & Paid Promotion

Source of Income

Kiran, recognized for her talent and beauty, initiated her career as a model before venturing into acting. Her annual income is approximated at $100,000, encompassing earnings from acting, modeling, her clothing brand, and additional income derived from brand deals and endorsements.


Kiran Ashfaque, a versatile icon in the showbiz realm, stirred up controversy with a video showcasing her in Western attire, triggering disapproval from numerous internet users. Throughout the video, Kiran donned Western clothing, including a stylish white crop top, a white dress shirt with exposed buttons, and side-cut jeans.

In an attempt to capture the attention of netizens, the “Khudgarz” actress struck various eye-catching poses in the reel, but unfortunately, her bold approach drew criticism from detractors.

Post her divorce, Kiran faced substantial backlash from the online community regarding her fashion choices, provoking controversy. Despite the criticism, Kiran demonstrated resilience and refrained from taking the negative comments personally.

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