Kalank Drama: Cast, Story, Timing & Other Facts

“Kalank” emerges as a fresh family romantic drama series captivating audiences on Geo TV. The inaugural episode graced the screens on August 29, 2023, and has since been a source of intrigue for viewers. Directed by Mohsin Mirza and penned by Edison Idress Masih, the drama promises a riveting narrative set against the backdrop of romance and family dynamics.

At the heart of “Kalank” lies a compelling love triangle involving Sara, Wahaj, and Duriya. The intricacies of their relationships promise to add layers of emotion and drama to the storyline.

Kalank Drama Cast

The cast of “Kalank” comprises a stellar lineup of talented Pakistani actors and actresses, bringing the characters to life with finesse. Here’s a glimpse of the lead and supporting cast, complete with their respective roles:

Hira Mani as Sara

Junaid Khan as Wahaj

Stepping into the shoes of Wahaj, the lead character in “Kalank,” is Junaid Khan, a 41-year-old actor. The on-screen chemistry between Hira Mani and Junaid Khan garners acclaim from viewers. His notable achievements include the hit drama “Hum Tum,” featuring Sarah Khan and Ahad Raza Mir.

Nazish Jahangir as Duriya

Renowned actress Nazish Jahangir, aged 29, embraces the antagonistic character of Duriya in “Kalank.” Duriya, a selfish individual, endeavors to wed Wahaj, introducing complications into the relationship between Wahaj and Sara. Jahangir, celebrated for her recent role in “Jinzada” on Geo TV, contributes her talent to the drama’s dynamic.

Sami Khan as Danyal

Sami Khan brings Danyal’s character to life, sharing the screen with Hira Mani in “Kalank.” The 43-year-old actor, recognized for his recent success in “Mujhe Qabool Nahin” with Madiha Imam, adds depth to the narrative.

Alina as Nousheen

Zain Afzal as Shahrukh

Known for his supporting roles in numerous hit dramas, Zain Afzal assumes the character of Shahrukh in “Kalank.” At 33, he entered the showbiz scene in 2016, with his previous notable drama being “Tadeer” alongside Alizeh Shah.

Sarah Umair as Neeni

Ayesha Gul as Romana

Portraying the character of Romana in “Kalank” is Ayesha Gul, a 43-year-old actress based in Karachi. Unmarried and devoted to her craft since 2009, she contributes her talent to the unfolding drama.

Kamran Jilani as Sarfaraz

Joining the ensemble is Kamran Jeelani, appearing as Sarfaraz in “Kalank.” Having been part of various famous dramas, his recent stint in 2023 includes “Nijaat” alongside Hina Altaf, Hajra Yamin, and Junaid Khan.

Nazlee Nasr as Hameeda

Saba Hameed as Shahana

Veteran actress Saba Hameed takes on the role of Shahana, adding her seasoned acting to the drama. With a career adorned with memorable characters, the 66-year-old artist showcases her versatility in “Kalank.”

Noor ul Hassan as Asghar

In the character of Asghar, actor Noor ul Hassan, aged 52, exhibits his exceptional acting skills. Having graced many hit dramas, Hassan brings experience and depth to the narrative of “Kalank.”

Genre and Language

Classified under the genres of romance and family, “Kalank” unfolds its narrative in Urdu, connecting with audiences across Pakistan.

Duration and Timing

Each episode of “Kalank” offers 40 minutes of captivating storytelling, airing daily at 9:00 p.m., ensuring a nightly rendezvous with the drama’s fervent followers.

Release Date and Production Details

The drama made its debut on August 29, 2023, with Mohsin Mirza taking the directorial reins and also contributing to its production. The creative storytelling comes to life through the words of Edison Idress Masih.

Your Thoughts on “Kalank”

Share your reflections on the recent episodes of “Kalank.” Which actors have truly excelled in portraying their characters? Your comments are welcomed as we navigate the unfolding drama and its dynamic cast.

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