Jazz Weekly Voice Offer | Subscription Code, Price & Details

Jazz Weekly Voice Offer Details

  • Price
  • Rs. 100 Incl. Tax
  • On-Net Minutes
  • 1000 Minutes
  • Duration
  • 7 Days
  • To Subscribe
  • Dial *211#
  • To Check Status
  • Dial *211*2#
  • To Info
  • Dial *211*3#
  • To Un-Subscribe
  • Dial *211*4#

Jazz Weekly Voice Offer Description

Introducing the Jazz Weekly Voice Offer, a fantastic package that provides you with 1000 on-net minutes for a whole week. Stay connected with your friends and family, and enjoy uninterrupted conversations with this amazing offer. Additionally, you can even share 30 Jazz minutes with any other Jazz prepaid number.

With the Jazz Weekly Voice Offer, you get a generous allocation of 1000 on-net minutes, allowing you to make unlimited calls to Jazz numbers throughout the week. Stay connected and catch up with your loved ones without worrying about running out of minutes.

In addition to the on-net minutes, you can also share 30 Jazz minutes with any other Jazz prepaid number. Simply dial *308# to share the minutes and keep your loved ones connected as well.

To subscribe to the Jazz Weekly Voice Offer, dial *211# from your Jazz SIM. The subscription fee for this offer is Rs. 100 (including taxes). You can check the status of your offer by dialing *211*2#.

The shared minutes have a validity that expires on the same day at midnight. There is a limit of 30 Jazz minutes per transaction for sharing.

Stay connected, make unlimited on-net calls, and share minutes with your loved ones with the Jazz Weekly Voice Offer. Enjoy seamless communication and keep in touch throughout the week.

Terms and Conditions

  • By dialing *211#, customers will subscribe to the Weekly Voice Offer for a duration of 7 calendar days.
  • A call setup fee of Rs 0.15 will be charged for each call made.
  • The bundle does not automatically renew, so customers need to dial *211# again for subsequent subscriptions.
  • Upon subscription, customers will receive all the allocated minutes, which will remain valid until 23:59 hours on the 7th calendar day.
  • The shared incentive is available only for prepaid customers.
  • Customers can share 30 Jazz Minutes in a single transaction by dialing *308#.
  • There are no limitations on the number of times minutes can be shared with a single customer.
  • Sharing of minutes is possible as long as the customer sharing the minutes have at least 30 minutes remaining in their bundle and a balance of more than Rs 2 in their account.
  • A sharing fee of PKR 2 (inclusive of tax) will be charged to the customer initiating the share.
  • Insufficient balance will result in the failure of the sharing transaction.
  • The shared minutes will be valid until midnight on the same day they were shared.
  • A call setup fee of Rs. 0.15 will be applicable to the shared incentive of 30 minutes.
  • The customer receiving the shared minutes can check their status by dialing 3082#.
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