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Iman Ali, born on December 19, 1980, stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of Pakistani cinema. Possessing both striking beauty and exceptional acting talent, she has left an indelible mark on the industry. Renowned for her notable performances in films such as “Khuda Kay Liye” and “Bol,” Iman Ali has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. Her captivating screen presence and versatility have solidified her position as one of Pakistan’s most celebrated actresses. As she continues to contribute to the country’s cinematic landscape, Iman Ali, at 43, remains an enduring icon of elegance and talent.

Biography of Iman Ali

Field Information
Name Iman Ali
Date of Birth December 19, 1980
Birthplace Lahore, Pakistan
Profession Actress, Model
Career Duration Over two decades
Education DPS Model Town, Lahore
Parents Father: Abid Ali; Mother: Humaira Ali
Siblings Rahma Ali, Maryam Ali
Modeling Debut At the age of 18
Notable Films “Khuda Kay Liye,” “Bol,” “Mah-e-Mir”
Marriage Married Babar Bhatti in February 2019
Challenges Faces multiple sclerosis
Net Worth Estimated around USD $5 million

Iman Ali, born on December 19, 1980, in Lahore, Pakistan, is a distinguished Pakistani actress and model. With a career that spans over two decades, Iman Ali has become a prominent figure in Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

Early Life and Education:

Iman Ali’s educational journey began at DPS Model Town, Lahore, laying the foundation for her future endeavors in the world of modeling and acting. Born to renowned Pakistani actors Abid Ali and Humaira Ali, she inherited a legacy of talent.

Professional Achievements:

Initiating her modeling career at the age of 18, Iman Ali swiftly rose to prominence, becoming a recognized face in Pakistan’s fashion industry. Beyond modeling, she explored television hosting and featured in numerous television commercials.

Iman Ali made her impactful film debut in 2007 with the critically acclaimed “Khuda Kay Liye.” Subsequently, she delivered stellar performances in Pakistani movies such as “Bol” and “Mah-e-Mir,” earning accolades for her acting prowess. Her contributions have earned her several awards, establishing her as a leading actress in Pakistan.



Pehla Pyar



Saiban Sheeshay Ka


Woh Tees Din





Dil Dy Ky Jaengy


Chal Parhaa



Khuda Ke Liye (Best Film Actress Award)






Mah e Mir (Best Onscreen Couple Nomination)


Tich Button

Music Videos:


Ishq Mohabbat Apna Pan (Shabnam Majeed)


Jind Jaan (Shahzad Roy & Zoe Viccaji)



Best Model of the Year Nomination (1st Lux Style Awards)


Best Model of the Year Nomination (3rd Lux Style Awards)


Best Model of the Year Nomination (4th Lux Style Awards)


Best Model of the Year Nomination (5th Lux Style Awards)


IPPA Style Icon of the Year Nomination

Family and Relationships:

Iman Ali’s father, the late Abid Ali, was a highly respected actor in the Pakistani entertainment industry. In 2019, the industry mourned his passing at the age of 67. Iman Ali’s mother is Humaira Ali. She has two siblings, Rahma Ali and Maryam Ali.

Iman Ali married Babar Bhatti in February 2019, a businessman based in the United States. Their private wedding ceremony garnered attention on social media, marking a new chapter in her life. Before her marriage, Iman Ali had maintained a private personal life.

Challenges and Resilience:

Iman Ali faces the challenge of multiple sclerosis, a chronic condition with symptoms such as fatigue, blurred vision, and hearing loss. Despite these health challenges, Iman Ali has shown resilience, continuing her work in the entertainment industry, albeit with a measured approach.

Net Worth:

Iman Ali’s net worth is estimated to be around USD $5 million, reflecting her successful career in modeling and acting.


Iman Ali’s journey in the world of Pakistani entertainment showcases not only her talent but also her resilience in the face of challenges. From modeling at a young age to establishing herself as a distinguished actress, Iman Ali remains an influential figure in the industry. Her story is one of talent, perseverance, and the ability to overcome obstacles, making her an inspiration for aspiring artists.

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