Haris Waheed | Biography, Age, Family & Other Facts

Haris Waheed, a charismatic and handsome Pakistani actor, has been gracing the Urdu drama scene with his exceptional talent since 2014. Beyond his captivating performances on screen, he is also recognized as a model and writer. Delve into the life and career of Haris Waheed as we explore details about his age, wife, family, and a comprehensive list of his notable dramas.

Haris Waheed Biography

Haris Waheed, a native of Karachi, Pakistan, was born on January 2, 1994. At the age of 27, he carved a niche for himself in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Standing at an impressive height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighing 69 kg, Haris embodies both style and substance.


Haris embarked on a graduate program in acting at the National Academy of Performing Arts in Karachi, showcasing his commitment to honing his craft.

Family Background:

Haris Waheed belongs to a Kashmiri family based in Karachi, Pakistan. His family has connections to the world of entertainment, with his grandmother, Munawwar Sultana, being a renowned Indian actress.


While Haris has not disclosed his father’s name, his mother is often featured in his social media posts, highlighting the strong bond he shares with his family.


Haris has an older brother, and to the best of public knowledge, he does not have a sister.


In 2017, Haris Waheed tied the knot with Maryam Fatima, an actress and model in the Pakistani drama industry. The couple, celebrated for their enchanting chemistry, has yet to welcome children into their lives.

Haris Waheed Drama List

  1. Mohabbat Chor Di Maine
  2. Tere Bin
  3. Safar Tamam Howa
  4. Daughter By Law
  5. Mujhe Wada Kar
  6. Mere Apne
  7. Qayamat
  8. Kasa-e-Dil
  9. Muqaddar
  10. Naqab Zan
  11. Do Bol
  12. Piya Naam Ka Diya
  13. Naulakha
  14. Ghughi
  15. Bisat-e-Dil
  16. Sammi
  17. Phir Wohi Mohabbat
  18. Udaari
  19. Shaam Dhaley
  20. Mann Mayal
  21. Alvida
  22. Sadqay Tumhare

Haris Waheed on Social Media

Instagram: haariswaheed


Haris Waheed, with his talent, charm, and diverse skills as an actor, model, and writer, continues to captivate audiences in the world of Pakistani entertainment. His personal and professional journey unfolds with each drama and project, making him a beloved figure among fans. If you have additional insights to contribute to Haris Waheed’s biography, share your thoughts in the comments section. Enjoy exploring the dynamic career and life of this multifaceted artist!

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