Hania Ahmed | Biography, Age, Family & Other Facts

Meet the young and prodigiously talented Hania Ahmed, a budding child actress hailing from the vibrant city of Karachi, Pakistan. With her exceptional acting skills and memorable performances in television dramas, Hania has swiftly become a darling of audiences, captivating hearts with her undeniable charm. In this article, we embark on a journey to uncover the details of Hania Ahmed’s biography, delving into her age, family background, educational pursuits, and an impressive drama list that highlights the depth of her burgeoning acting career. Join us as we explore the promising trajectory of this young star on the rise.

Hania Ahmed | Biography, Age, Family & Other Facts

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Birth Date July 27, (Age not specified)
Birth Place Karachi, Pakistan
Education Student at the International School of Nurturing Excellence, Karachi
Physical Stats Height: 4 feet 6 inches, Weight: 38 kilograms
Family Parents: Mr. Ahmed and Mrs. Ahmed; Sister: Emaan Ahmed (also a child actress)
Career Highlights – Versatile child actress and model
Social Media Instagram: @haniaahmedofficiall
Notable Dramas – Dour – Mayi Ri – Log Kya Kahenge – Mere Humnasheen

Hania Ahmed is not only a talented child actress but also an accomplished model. She has starred in many commercials and photoshoots for top kids’ fashion brands in Pakistan. Despite her young age, Hania possesses a great deal of talent and dedication towards her craft.

Hania’s most recent work was in the drama Mayi Ri on ARY Digital. She played the role of Faiza, which garnered her immense praise from fans and critics. Hania is highly active on social media, and her Instagram handle is @haniaahmedofficiall, where she keeps her fans updated on her latest ventures.

Hania Ahmed Age, Education, Height, and Weight

Hania Ahmed was born on July 27, in Karachi, Pakistan, which makes her (insert age here). She currently attends the International School of Nurturing Excellence in Karachi, where she is pursuing her studies.

In terms of physical appearance, Hania Ahmed is 4 feet 6 inches tall, and her weight is 38 kilograms. Despite her young age, Hania has already established herself as a respected figure in Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

Meet Hania Ahmed Family: Parents and Sister

Hania Ahmed comes from a loving and supportive Muslim family in Karachi. Her father’s name is Mr. Ahmed, and her mother’s name is Mrs. Ahmed. She has a younger sister named Emaan Ahmed, who is also a child actress.

Hania’s family has always been her biggest support system, and they have encouraged her to pursue her dreams. They are proud of her achievements in the entertainment industry and continue to support her in every way possible.

Drama List

Hania Ahmed has already made her mark in the Pakistani entertainment industry despite her relatively young age. She has appeared in several TV dramas, including:

– Dour
– Mayi Ri
– Log Kya Kahenge
– Mere Humnasheen


Hania Ahmed emerges as a shining star in the world of Pakistani television, a young talent whose performances transcend her age. From her roots in Karachi to the stages of television dramas, Ahmed’s journey is a testament to her innate acting prowess. As we close the curtain on this exploration, it is evident that Hania Ahmed’s trajectory holds the promise of continued brilliance, making her a name to watch in the evolving landscape of Pakistani entertainment.

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