Exploring Sozo Water Park: Ticket Prices and Timings for 2023

Dive into a world of aquatic adventures and family fun as we embark on a journey to explore the thrilling landscape of Sozo Water Park. This blog post is your guide to discovering the excitement, laughter, and refreshing escapades that await at one of Lahore’s most iconic water parks. Whether you’re a water enthusiast planning your next outing or someone seeking the perfect family getaway, join us as we unravel the attractions, amenities, and sheer joy that defines the experience of Exploring Sozo Water Park. Let the waves of anticipation build as we dive into the details of what makes Sozo Water Park a must-visit destination for those in search of sun-soaked delight and water-filled thrills.

Understanding Ticket Prices for 2023

Discovering the Sozo Water Park Ticket Price for 2023 involves an awareness that these prices are subject to change based on weather conditions and customer demand. As of 2023, the ticket prices are categorized by days:

Days Adult Child
Monday Rs 500 Rs 400
Tuesday Rs 500 Rs 400
Wednesday Rs 500 Rs 400
Thursday Rs 500 Rs 400
Friday Rs 600 Rs 500
Saturday Rs 600 Rs 500
Sunday Rs 800 Rs 700

Sozo Water Park stands out as an ideal destination for family outings in Lahore. It is not only frequented by families but also serves as a popular choice for school trips, providing a conducive environment for students. Before planning your visit, it is advisable to check both the Sozo Water Park Ticket Price for 2023 and the park’s operational timings, conveniently available on their official website.

Exclusive Offers: Sozo Families Week

Special Discounts for Families

During the Sozo Families Week, the park introduces substantial discounts on family and couple tickets. The family ticket is priced at Rs.950, while the couple’s ticket is available for Rs.500. This exclusive offer is time-limited, spanning from September 1st to September 17th, 2023. For additional information, inquiries can be directed to 0313-7777090.

Ticket Type Price Date
Family Ticket Rs.950 1st Sep – 17th Sep 2023
Couple Ticket Rs.500 1st Sep – 17th Sep 2023

Operating Hours: Sozo Water Park Timings 2023

For a seamless visit, it is essential to acquaint yourself with the Sozo Water Park Timings for 2023. The park welcomes visitors seven days a week with the following schedule:

  • Open Time: 10:00 AM
  • Closing Time: 6:00 PM

Group Packages and Contact Details

Special Discounts for Groups

Visitors interested in group packages or special trips can explore discounted offerings by contacting Sozo Water Park directly. Special arrangements and discounts are available for groups. To learn more, individuals can reach out to the provided contact numbers.

Sozo Water Park Contact Details

For further assistance, the contact details for Sozo Water Park are as follows:

  • Phone Numbers: 0321-7777090, 0313-7777090
  • Address: Canal Bank Road, near Jallo Park, Lahore – Pakistan

In conclusion, this comprehensive guide covers the Sozo Water Park Ticket Price and Timings for 2023, offering valuable insights for anyone planning a visit. For additional details and the latest updates, visitors are encouraged to check the official website of Sozo Water Park.

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