Erum Akhtar | Biography, Age, Family & Other Facts

In the tapestry of Pakistan’s entertainment industry, one name that shines brightly is Erum Akhtar. A gifted actress, she has etched her mark with exceptional performances in numerous dramas and shows. With a career spanning a significant period, Erum Akhtar has become a revered figure, celebrated for her remarkable acting prowess that brings characters to life on the screen.

Erum Akhtar | Biography, Age, Family & Other Facts

Aspect Details
Full Name Erum Akhtar
Date of Birth August 16, 1982
Birthplace Lahore, Pakistan
Education Bachelor’s degree from Gulberg College, Lahore
Family Belongs to a well-known family in Lahore; Father, Mother
Personal Life Enjoys trying different cuisines, loves traveling, and spending time with family and pets
Career Actress and model
Debut Started acting as a child artist on PTV in the 1990s
Popular Dramas Dil Mom Ka Diya, Umeed, Aakhir Kab Tak, and more
Modeling Worked as a model, participated in fashion shows, walked the ramp
Age, Height 41 years old, Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Marital Status Married to Akhtar Birgrami
Children Two sons: Syed Wali Haider Zaidi and Taqi Haider Bilgrami

Erum Akhtar was born on August 16, 1982, in Lahore, Pakistan. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Gulberg College, Lahore.


Erum Akhtar belongs to a well-known family in Lahore. Her father and mother have been instrumental in her success and always encouraged her to pursue her goals.

Personal Life

Erum Akhtar is a foodie and loves to try different cuisines. She also enjoys traveling and exploring new places. Additionally, she loves caring for her pets, and her favorite pastime is spending time with her family.


Erum Akhtar started her acting career as a child artist on PTV in the 1990s. She has worked in numerous dramas and shows and has made a name for herself with her versatile acting style. Some of her popular dramas include Dil Mom Ka Diya, Umeed, and Aakhir Kab Tak.


Besides acting, Erum Akhtar has also worked as a model and done numerous modeling assignments. She has been a part of various fashion shows and has walked the ramp for numerous designers.

Age and Physical Stats

As of 2023, Erum Akhtar is 41 years old, and she stands tall at 5 feet, 6 inches. She maintains a slim and toned physique and follows a healthy lifestyle.

Marriage and Children

Erum Akhtar is married to Akhtar Birgrami, and the couple has two sons named Syed Wali Haider Zaidi and Taqi Haider Bilgrami. She is a hands-on mother, and family is always her top priority.

Drama List

Erum Akhtar has starred in numerous television dramas, including:

– Fareb
– Aakhir Kab Tak
– Jethaani
– Maana Ka Gharana
– Chandni Begum
– Dil Mom Ka Diya
– Ek Mohabbat Kay Baad
– Khushboo Ka Ghar
– Tum Yaad Aaye
– Adhoora Bandhan
– Dil Muhallay Ki Haveli
– Mohabbat Dagh Ki Soorat
– Siyani
– Teri Ik Nazar
– Umeed
– Aatish-e-Ishq
– Dil Lattu Ho Gaya
– Kahan Ho Tum
– Mirza Aur Shamim Ara
– Rothi Rothi Zindagi


As we reflect on the journey of Erum Akhtar, it’s evident that her contributions have enriched the tapestry of Pakistani entertainment. With her exceptional acting skills and unwavering dedication, she continues to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible impact. As the chapters of her career unfold, we eagerly anticipate more riveting performances and milestones from this talented actress, contributing to the legacy of Pakistan’s dynamic entertainment landscape.

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