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Aroob Jatoi, a talented and vibrant Pakistani YouTuber hailing from Lahore, has carved her niche in the digital realm. Her YouTube channel, @AroobJatoiSaad, has gained prominence for its engaging content, including vlogs, challenges, and humorous videos. Notably, Aroob is also recognized as the wife of Saad Ur Rehman, popularly known as Ducky Bhai, one of Pakistan’s prominent YouTubers.

Ducky Bhai, celebrated for his engaging content, recently marked a significant milestone in his personal life. On April 12, 2022, he officially tied the knot with Aroob Jatoi in a formal wedding ceremony. The news of their engagement had been circulating on social media, and the couple’s followers expressed immense joy and congratulations on their union. Aroob Jatoi continues to captivate audiences with her dynamic presence in the evolving landscape of Pakistani digital content creation.

Biography of Aroob Jatoi

Field Information
Full Name Aroob Jatoi
Date of Birth October 10, 2000
Age 24
Birthplace Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Education Graduation
Siblings Abdullah Jatoi (elder brother), Mahnoor Jatoi (younger sister)
Professional Journey Makeup influencer to YouTuber, collaboration with Ducky Bhai
Marriage Married to Ducky Bhai
YouTube Channel Over 350k subscribers, the fastest growth in Pakistan
Net Worth Estimated at approximately $100K

Aroob Jatoi, born on October 10, 2000, in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, has carved her niche as a renowned social media celebrity and YouTuber. At the young age of 24, she garnered attention for her vibrant personality, makeup expertise, and her association with the well-known YouTuber, Saad-ur-Rehman, popularly known as Ducky Bhai.

Early Life and Education:

Aroob completed her graduation and embarked on her journey into the digital realm. While details about her family remain private, she shares a special bond with her siblings, Abdullah Jatoi and Mahnoor Jatoi, including an elder brother and a younger sister.

Professional Journey:

Aroob Jatoi, initially recognized as a makeup influencer, transitioned into a professional YouTuber. She collaborates with Ducky Bhai to create engaging vlogs that resonate with their audience. Her Instagram account showcases not only her makeup skills but also glimpses into her life alongside Ducky.

Marriage and Personal Life:

Aroob’s popularity soared after her nikkah with Ducky Bhai. The couple shares their life journey through vlogs, offering fans a closer look at their relationship. Ducky Bhai, a prominent Pakistani YouTuber, is also her husband.

YouTube Success:

Her YouTube channel gained remarkable traction, amassing 100k subscribers within 11 hours of its launch. Currently boasting over 350k subscribers, Aroob has set records for the fastest subscriber growth in Pakistan.

Net Worth:

While Aroob Jatoi’s exact net worth is undisclosed, it is estimated to be approximately $1.67K. This reflects her growing influence and success in the digital landscape.


Aroob Jatoi’s journey from a makeup influencer to a YouTube sensation is a testament to her dynamic persona and creativity. With her engaging content and collaboration with Ducky Bhai, she continues to captivate audiences, making a significant impact in the realm of Pakistani social media. As she navigates her way through the digital landscape, Aroob Jatoi remains a vibrant and influential figure in the hearts of her fans.

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