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In the dynamic realm of Pakistani social media, Aliza Sehar has emerged as a notable vlogger, captivating audiences with her engaging content on TikTok. While her videos have garnered immense popularity, there is a keen interest in the personal aspects of her life, particularly details about her husband. This article aims to unravel the mystery surrounding Aliza Sehar’s marital life, providing insights into her husband’s age, name, and profession, and even offering a glimpse into their wedding through a carefully selected photo.

Aliza Sehar’s Family Background

Category Details
Full Name Aliza Sehar
Birth Year 2000
Family Background – Father: Saeed Anwar
– Mother: Rukhsana Kausr
– Hails from a village near Hasil Pur, Pakistan
Marital Status Married
Husband’s Name Dil Muhammad
Husband’s Profession Tiktoker and village vlogger
Wedding Date Details not provided in the provided information
Husband’s Nationality Originally from Pakistan, currently working abroad
Notable Incident A leaked video call surfaced on social media, leading to rumors about her personal life
Social Media Presence Active on TikTok

Aliza Sehar was born in 2000 and has deep roots in the Muslim faith. Her father, Saeed Anwar, is a simple man, and her mother, Rukhsana Kausr, manages their household with grace. Aliza’s family hails from a quaint village near Hasil Pur, Pakistan.

Did Aliza Sehar Get Married?

In recent times, a leaked video call surfaced on social media that threw Aliza Sehar into the spotlight. After the incident, rumors began circulating regarding her personal life, including a wedding video. The question that many of her fans wish to know is, did Aliza Sehar get married?

Meet Aliza Sehar’s Husband, Dil Muhammad

Aliza Sehar’s husband is Dil Muhammad, who is also a Tiktoker and village vlogger. He is originally from Pakistan and is currently working abroad, which adds an interesting cross-border element to their relationship. A wedding video featuring Aliza Sehar and Dil Muhammad began circulating on social media, confirming their union that had remained a well-kept secret. In the video, Aliza Sehar is dressed in a stunning outfit and exudes happiness while standing beside her husband.

Aliza Sehar’s Fans’ Expectations

Aliza Sehar’s fans are excited and anticipate more glimpses of her marital bliss as she steps into this new chapter. Let’s take a look at Aliza’s wedding video with Dil Muhammad below:


Aliza Sehar has made a name for herself in the vast world of Pakistani vloggers. Though she keeps her personal life private, her wedding video with Dil Muhammad has made headlines across social media. We hope to see more of this happy couple in the future. Is there anything you would like to add, remove, or modify to Aliza Sehar’s husband’s biography? Email us at, and we’ll add it as soon as possible.

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